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The Ultimate Stay at Home Dates

Who needs fancy restaurants, overpriced movie tickets, or a dress code that doesn't include sweatpants? We're here to guide you through the magical world of stay-at-home dates, where your living room becomes the love shack, and a pair of fuzzy slippers is the ultimate accessory.

Setting The Mood

heart shape made with fairy lights

First things first: ambiance, schmambiance! Forget spending a fortune on mood lighting and rose petals. Instead, embrace the power of DIY decor.

There are some affiliate links below, but they are all products I highly recommend. For more info, view my disclosure.

String up some fairy lights and toss a few cushions on the floor – instant romance! And don't forget the candles. Nothing says love like a “Pumpkin Spice Latte” scent wafting through the air.

To top it off, compile the ultimate love playlist, featuring classics like Barry White and, of course, Toto's “Africa.” You're welcome.

Food & Drink

2 people cooking together in a kitchen. there are orange bowls with green fruit in them. white canisters and a white bowl of lemons on a marble couter.
Cooking Together

Now, let's talk about what really matters – the grub. Stay-at-home dates are the perfect excuse to channel your inner Gordon Ramsay and whip up some homemade gourmet cuisine.

Sure, you might only have two-star skills, but who cares? Alternatively, embrace the true meaning of “Netflix and chill” with pizza and sweatpants. Love is all about accepting each other, tomato sauce stains and all.

To wash it down, choose a beverage of love that suits your style – be it fine wine, craft beer, or juice boxes for a touch of childhood nostalgia.

Indoor Picnic

Indoor Picnic

Oh, picnics – the sunshine, the lawn beneath your toes, the creepy crawlies…hold up, creepy crawlies? Not today! Cheer up, lovebirds, for we're shifting the picnic indoors. Bid farewell to sunburns and “greetings” to a homey date night extravaganza!

Being indoors together in such an intimate, quiet (hopefully!) setting is the perfect chance for you both to practice your active listening skills. This is something we've talked about a lot; healthy communication is a huge part of any long-term relationship, and active listening is a big part of communication!


When it comes to entertainment, staying in is the new going out. Bust out the board games and test your relationship with a friendly (or not-so-friendly) competition.

Monopoly might just be the ultimate test of love. Or, transform your living room into the hottest movie theater in town with a DIY movie night. Extra points for making your own popcorn!

Feeling brave? Show off your vocal chops with a karaoke showdown. Serenade your partner with off-key love ballads and watch their heart melt (or at least try not to cringe).

Unique Stay-at-Home Dates

If you're looking to up the ante, why not try a Bob Ross paint night? Create happy little accidents together and marvel at each other's artistic prowess (or lack thereof).

Alternatively, step back in time or venture into a galaxy far, far away with a themed evening. From the roaring '20s to Star Wars, may the love be with you.

For the ultimate relationship test, design your own DIY escape room, complete with puzzles and padlocks. You might just find your way out… together.

The Art of Relaxation

bathtub with a caddy going across it. Inside the caddy are 2 empty wine glasses a littel potted plant and a natural bar of soap
The Art of Relaxation

Sometimes, the best dates are all about relaxation. Try couples' yoga and find inner peace (and some hilarious positions) together.

Or, turn your bathroom into a five-star spa, complete with scented oils, fluffy robes, and, of course, a rubber ducky.

For a true blast from the past, build a pillow fort for two and snuggle up like the grown-up kids you are.

Backyard Camping Date

small firepit with wood burning in it
Backyard glamping

Who needs the wilderness when you've got a backyard? Pitch a tent, set up some cozy blankets, and roast marshmallows over a mini fire pit during your backyard camping date night.

Don't forget the bug spray – you never know what kinds of critters are lurking in the suburban wild!

Dance Party For Two

2 people dancing
Dance party for two

Clear some space in your living room and let loose with a dance party just for the two of you.

From disco to dubstep, there's no shame in your dance game when it's just the two of you cutting a rug. Who knows, maybe you'll invent a new dance move or two.

Cook-Off Challenge

If you're both foodies, why not turn your kitchen into a battleground with a cook-off challenge?

Pick a theme or a key ingredient and see who can whip up the most delicious (or hilarious) dish. May the best chef win – and, more importantly, may the loser clean up!

Book Club for Two

2 stuffed animals (white rabbits) on a bed with grey sheets reading a book
Book Club for Two

Find a book you both want to read and start your very own book club – just for the two of you.

Discuss the plot, characters, and what you think will happen next while sipping on wine or hot chocolate. And remember, no spoilers!

DIY Photo Shoot

white woman in a red sleeveless sweater standing in  a doorway with white curtains. Her eyes are closed and she has tattoos on her arms.

Unleash your inner model and photographer with a DIY photo shoot.

Raid your wardrobe for the wackiest outfits, strike your best poses, and let the camera roll. Just remember, what happens in the living room, stays in the living room.

Costume Night

Male and Female dressed as Katrina dolls
Costume Night

Forget about dressing up just for Halloween.

Pick a theme and dress to the nines in the most outrageous costumes you can find. Pirates? Superheroes? Giant inflatable dinosaurs? The choice is yours. Just don't forget the mandatory selfies.

Talent Show

Man in a black hoodie tossing playing cards in the air.

It's time to show off those hidden talents (or lack thereof). Juggling, singing, magic tricks, or even an uncanny ability to wiggle your ears – anything goes in this love-filled talent show.

Remember, it's not about winning; it's about making each other laugh.

Travel The World From Your Living Room

globe on a gold stand in the foreground with a blured background. Travel the world from your living room

Pick a country you've always wanted to visit, and create a themed night around it.

Cook up some traditional dishes, learn a few phrases in the local language, and immerse yourselves in the culture – all without leaving your sofa.

Who said you need a passport to travel?

Person Forming Clay Pot

Pottery Night

Channel your inner Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore with a pottery night à la Ghost.

No pottery wheel? No problem! Grab some clay or Play-Doh and let your creativity run wild. Just try not to get too carried away with the romantic vibes.

Video Game Marathon

hands holding playstation controllers in front of a tv
Game Night

Dust off those old video game consoles or boot up your PC for a gaming marathon.

Whether you're racing each other in Mario Kart or trying to survive a zombie apocalypse together, a little friendly competition never hurt anyone.

Just remember, it's all fun and games until someone throws a controller.

DIY Pub Trivia

fingers holding a card that says "What can you do today that you couldn't do a year ago?"

Take turns hosting your very own pub trivia night. Each person creates a round of questions on any topic, from obscure movie facts to hilarious historical events.

The winner gets bragging rights and, of course, the privilege of choosing the next stay-at-home date night idea.

Memory Lane

hands holding an old photo album. Taking a trip down memory lane
Taking a trip down memory lane

Break out those old photo albums or scroll through your digital archives, and take a walk down memory lane together.

Reminisce about your favorite moments, cringe at your most embarrassing outfits, and laugh at the many hairstyles that should never make a comeback.

Build a Fort and Have a Movie Marathon

dog nose sticking out of a bunch of blankets

Combine the childhood nostalgia of building a pillow and blanket fort with the grown-up joy of a movie marathon.

Curate a lineup of your favorite flicks, from laugh-out-loud comedies to sappy romances, and snuggle up in your cozy fortress of love.

Blind Taste Test

girl blind folded with flowers on the blindfold holding her hand up to her face
Blind taste test

Put your taste buds to the test with a blindfolded culinary adventure. Take turns feeding each other mysterious bites and trying to guess what's on the menu.

Just make sure there are no surprise jalapeños, unless you're both into that kind of thing.

At-Home Wine, Liquor, or Beer Tasting

wine being poured form a glass with a plate of meat in the foreground, and somone cutting something in the background the back ground is blurrred
At-home wine or beer tasting

No need to visit a vineyard or brewery when you can bring the tasting experience right to your living room.

Grab a selection of wines or craft beers, create a tasting sheet, and indulge in some sophisticated sipping. Pinkies up, folks.

Personalized Scavenger Hunt

Personalized scavenger hunt
Personalized scavenger hunt

Design a scavenger hunt throughout your home, complete with riddles, clues, and hidden surprises.

Make it extra special by incorporating inside jokes, memories, or sentimental items. Winner gets a romantic reward of their choosing.

DIY Mini-Golf Course

We Built A Homemade Mini Golf Course!

Put your creativity to the test by constructing a mini-golf course throughout your home, using everyday items like books, cups, and cardboard.

Grab a putter (or a broom handle), and let the wacky golfing shenanigans begin.

Themed Movie Night

old TV and VHS combo with the move Jurassic Park starting to play on it.
Themed movie night

Choose a theme and curate a lineup of movies that fit the bill.

Superheroes, rom-coms, or even the worst-rated films on IMDb – the choice is yours.

Don't forget the popcorn and snuggly blanket for optimum movie-watching comfort.

Learn a new skill together

2 knitting needles with blue yarn on them. Learn a new skill together
Learn a new skill together

From juggling to knitting, pick a skill you've always wanted to learn and embark on the journey of self-improvement together.

You might discover hidden talents or, at the very least, enjoy some good laughs along the way.

At-Home Workout Challenge

2 people a man and a women in the plank position wearing workout clothes. At home workout challenge
At-home workout challenge

If you're both fitness enthusiasts (or just looking for an excuse to wear activewear), try an at-home workout challenge.

Choose a fun exercise routine, crank up the music, and get your sweat on. And remember, couples who plank together, stay together.

Indoor Camping

If backyard glamping isn't enough, bring the great outdoors inside with an indoor camping experience.

Set up a tent (or build a blanket fort), roll out the sleeping bags, and tell spooky stories by flashlight. Just be prepared for the occasional indoor squirrel – also known as your cat.

Mad Scientist Cocktail Night

Release your inner mixologist and create wacky concoctions with whatever ingredients you have in the house.

From odd flavor combinations to drinks that change color, the possibilities are endless – and the results, potentially hilarious.

Cheers to liquid experiments!

Origami Night

different colors of origami folded to look like a butterflies and flowers
Learn a new skill together

Unleash your inner paper-folding master with an evening of origami.

Create intricate animals, flowers, or even attempt a tiny paper replica of your living room.

The worst-case scenario? You end up with a bunch of colorful paper airplanes. Not too shabby!

Recreate Your First Date

recreate your first date. A table for 2 next to a window with a city view in the background
recreate your first date

Take a trip down memory lane and recreate your first date – right in your living room.

Try to mimic the meal, the outfits, and the awkward first-date jitters.

Hopefully, this time, she won't spill ice on your lap (or maybe she will, for old times' sake).

Bake-off Challenge

Bake-Off Challenge hands kneasding dough
Bake-Off Challenge

If you both have a sweet tooth, a bake-off challenge is the perfect way to indulge.

Choose a dessert recipe and see who can create the most delicious (or at least the most Instagram-worthy) treat.

Just remember, calories don't count on date night.

DIY Game Show Night

Take inspiration from your favorite game shows and create your own versions at home.

From trivia battles to guessing games, the possibilities are endless. Just try not to let the competitive spirit turn your living room into a battleground.

Write a Story Together

a couple surrounded by books drinking coffee writing a  story together

Flex your creative muscles and write a story together.

Take turns adding sentences or paragraphs and watch as your wild and wacky tale unfolds. Whether it's a thrilling mystery or a sappy romance, one thing's for sure – it'll be a bestseller in your hearts.

Close-Up Photo of Person Holding Pizza

Homemade Pizza Night

Transform your kitchen into an Italian pizzeria with a homemade pizza night.

Roll out the dough, choose your favorite toppings, and let the cheesy goodness commence. Extra points for creative pizza shapes or heartwarming messages spelled out in pepperoni.

At-home Spa Day

At-home spa day Women sitting in a white robe with a white towel on her head sipping from a white cup. She is sitting on a white couch with some magazines to her right on the couch

Pamper yourselves with a relaxing at-home spa day. Break out the face masks, cucumber slices, and scented candles.

Indulge in a bubble bath for two or take turns giving each other massages. Caution: May cause extreme relaxation and uncontrollable giggles.

DIY Craft Night

Unleash your inner Picasso with a DIY craft night. Pick a project – from painting to knitting or even bedazzling – and let the creative juices flow.

The end result might be a masterpiece or a hilarious disaster, but either way, you'll have a blast.

Couples' Bucket List

Couple making a bucket list. The pictuer is a womens hands writing in a journal a list of things to do

Dream up your ultimate couples' bucket list together. From travel destinations to wild adventures, jot down all the things you want to experience as a couple.

It's the perfect way to bond over your dreams and aspirations – and maybe even plan your next real-life date night.

Create Your Own Language

For the ultimate bonding experience, create your very own secret language. Develop your own words, phrases, and inside jokes that only the two of you can understand.

Just be prepared for some raised eyebrows and quizzical looks from friends and family.

The Grand Finale: A Love Letter to Stay-at-Home Date Nights

neon multi colored heart on a wall

And there you have it, dear lovebirds – an awe-inspiring compendium of stay-at-home date nights, crafted with care to keep the laughter alive and your hearts forever entwined.

From indoor picnics to homemade pizzerias, from dance parties to DIY spa days, we've traversed the realms of romance, adventure, and unadulterated silliness, all within the sacred sanctuary of your humble abode.

As you embark on this journey through the Ultimate Stay-at-Home Date Night List, let your love be your guiding light, illuminating the path to countless unforgettable moments and memories that will last a lifetime.

wedding rings on a dictionary page opened up to the word marriage

For in the end, it's not the grand gestures or lavish outings that truly define a relationship, but rather the quiet moments, the shared laughter, and the cozy nights in that leave an indelible mark on our hearts.

So, snuggle up, raise a glass (or a pizza slice), and toast to the magic of love, connection, and the extraordinary power of simply being together. May your stay-at-home date nights be filled with boundless joy, side-splitting laughter, and an ever-growing love that knows no bounds.

Here's to you, the intrepid explorers of the stay-at-home dating world – may your love story be one for the ages, and may your nights be forever filled with the warmth and wonder of each other's embrace. Cheers to happy dates!

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